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  Retaining and Screen Walls

CRECAST provides above standard products with a strong commitment to research and development. Our steel forms have been successfully implemented in several production plants in Germany and the United States. CRECAST incorporates a proven technology to satisfy the highest quality demands in concrete precast walls.

With CRECAST steel forms you can produce wall units up to 16 ft. with either exposed concrete surface or a textured design in one adjustable steel form. Furthermore, you can also adjust your wall shape to achieve the ideal static solution for both retaining and screen wall applications.


effective and practicable solutions for both retaining and screen walls, since wall shape and size are adjustable. CRECAST features a wide product range
with its fully engineered structure CRECAST walls reach a building height of 16' per unit without the costly need for reinforcing geo-grid
reach total height in one unit, drastically reducing installation time
perfectly vertical walls that take up very high loads up to the front edge to maximize the use of valuable land. CRECAST is the most space-saving retaining system available
superior strength and structural integrity combined with low-weight construction to realise savings on concrete and transportation costs
perfectly smooth surfaces with chamfered edges as well as an unlimited choice of textured finishes, achieving architectural brilliance every time
in-plant quality control prior to installation and almost weather independent production.
various sizes and features make CRECAST the right choice for both small and large projects
efficient and practical solutions for every application site, including convex or concave designs and corners of various degrees
CRECAST offers superior quality for all visible surfaces using the advantages of horizontal production methods.


 Retaining Walls

Retaining walls feature one visible and one rear side and can be manufactured in the standard L-shape design or with an additional spur at the base. Choose the ideal static solution and the most cost-effective wall design for each project!




 Screen Walls

Use the same CRECAST steel form to produce perfectly vertical screen walls with two visible sides. Besides the exposed concrete surface, unlimited textured designs can be manufactured on both sides with the help of a liner and/or stamping. Screen walls feature a tongue+groove to make installation faster and easier and also to achieve the best possible appearance of the finished wall. Screw threads for lifting loops are now placed on the head of the wall.



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