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CreCast steel forms are being used in several plants all over Germany as well as the Unites States and are based on over 30 years of experience. We know the everyday problems of production and the site-specific difficulties for different applications and it is our goal to provide efficient solutions for every single one. You can trust and rely on CreCast, there's nothing we haven't successfully done already. Contractors, architects and manufacturers are always welcome to visit these production plants at any time for and showcase of our high quality products.


CreCast ensures full support for its products. Professional engineers will come to your production plant and help you install and use our systems. We are offering training and education for your production and marketing staff. Our customers can rely on a competent service team to answer all questions at hand. We can provide sample drawings, static calculations and complete case studies. If needed, CreCast can provide the resources to plan and realise projects of any size.

Research and Development

We are dedicated to continuous research and improvement to provide a competitive edge for our customers at all times, with products that are more efficient and simply better in comparison.



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