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With more than three decades of experience in mold construction and development, CRECAST is setting a new standard in fully engineered precast walls.

CRECAST provides extremely flexible steel forms for high quality concrete walls. Produce wall units of varying size up to 16ft. with exposed concrete surface or a textured liner design, all done in one adjustable mold. Furthermore, you can change the wall shape to achieve the ideal static solution for both retaining and screen walls. With CRECAST steel forms you can manufacture nearly endless configurations and designs for even the most challenging residential, commercial and industrial applications. CRECAST is a technically refined perfect-fit solution for every requirement. It offers precision, durability and cost effectiveness that cast-in-place concrete and modular block systems simply can't match.

  CRECAST Steel Forms

The rugged construction of our steel forms ensures a very long service life, even at daily usage, while keeping very low dimensional tolerances for all concrete components. CRECAST steel forms are based on a unit-composed system (bottom pallet; side and head form; base and base counter form, including rails). The modular system allows an easy start-up and flexible adjustments to widen your production capacity at any time. Most importantly, you can manufacture different sizes and surface designs as well as corner and end units in one modular steel form.

  CRECAST Retaining and Screen Walls

With CRECAST steel forms you are not limited to one specific product, instead you can manufacture both retaining and screen walls with endless surface designs in the same adjustable mold. Due to their fully engineered structure with internal reinforcements, CRECAST walls provide superior strength and structural integrity combined with low-weight construction to realise savings on concrete and transportation costs.

  CRECAST Experience

We know the everyday problems and needs of concrete manufacturers. For several decades we have been constantly producing precast components in several plants all over Germany while simultaneously developing and improving our own production systems. CRECAST has helped several manufacturers in different countries to establish or improve their production of precast retaining and screen walls.
Due to our experience in all these fields we can provide answers and solutions to any question. We donít just provide vague instructions, but practical solutions based on individual needs.

You are more than welcome to visit our production plants in Germany at any time for a guided tour and a showcase of the production lines based on our steel forms.

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